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Paint and varnishing brushes

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Professional quality in the best craftsmanship! This is what the Maurer painter brushes promise. For the production of our paint brushes we use only high quality bristles. This allows professionals to work efficiently and achieve the perfect work result.

Our flexible manufacturing allows us to tailor almost any brush to your needs and produce it to your specifications.

Here is a selection of our painting and varnishing brushes:


Enamel brushes

Article number 3002

Fish brushes, blunt, round

Article number 3004

Stencil brushes, round, blunt

Article number 3007

Capsule brushes

Article number 3008

Agular liners, from bristle

Article number 3020
Radiator brush, metal-free

Radiator brush, metal-free

Article number 3026 KGO + 3026 KG

Brushes made to measure

Nothing suitable found? You need something special? Something tailor-made?
No problem. We manufacture brushes that are tailored exactly to your needs. Also in small quantities.